What does an anarchistic city look like? Through a speculative research with 18 participants in the Anarcity studio at the Berlage Institute, we explored the Anarchistic city, what it looks like and  “when do we need our neighbours?”.
We generated a short animation film based on our findings, discussions and fantasies. I was part of the team giving on the research as well as giving form to the visual storytelling of the animation.

Fellow participants who contributed to the Anarcity Studio:
Yusni Aziz, Taesan Choi, Piya Limpiti, Andres David Lopez Rincon, Hiroki Muto, Olga Sankova, Gi Son, Ryuho Hosawa, Yi-Lin Liang, Olivia Marra, Polpat Nilubon, Jorgen Tandberg, Kangshuo Tang, Valerie Van de Velde, Jiayi Wang, Miao Zhang

With special thanks to:
The Berlage, 
Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Daliana Suryawinata, Jeroen Zuidgeest for tutoring.