Onur Can Tepe is a writer, filmmaker, and architect based in Rotterdam. He graduated from the Berlage Institute and worked as an architect at various bureaus before beginning to write and film.

His work as an architect designing spaces has expanded into cinema where space plays an important role. Currently he is busy directing the documentary film project Tetterode: De kracht van onze handen about the community of artists in a former squat building in Amsterdam. The documentary about sustainable farming practices: Harvesting Optimism has recently premiered at AFFR 2022 and shown at Rotterdam Architecture Biennale.
He has written short fiction stories as part of his project Letters from 2050 and he currently functions as a member of the advisory comittee for Stimuleringsfonds on Architecture Grant Scheme.

Onur wrote this entire text by referring to himself in the third person so that it sounds more professional.

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