Commissioned works

I have been commissioned to produce videos and tender films for architects and developers. They are usually narrated by the people involved in the making of these projects and have a specific goal such as presenting the design to a jury or promoting a completed project. Depending on the needs and available budget of the client, they can be produced within days or within weeks. I have also been working on a commissioned mid-length documentary film on the making of a building by following not only the construction but also the idea phase of the project.

Drop me an email if you have a project in mind and we discuss how we can develop it further.

Cannes film
Client: West 8

Role: Director, Producer
Interviewees: Adriaan Geuze (West 8), Tara Karam (West 8)

As part of their competition proposal for Cannes waterfront, West 8 wanted to make a film explaining the design to the jury. Next to filming interviews, I have worked with the 3d animation team, briefing them about framing and camera movement to visually narrate the story.
I have also worked with motion designers to draw explanatory annotations on top of the 3d moving images.

Oosterlingen film
Client: Being B.V.

Production partner: Marcel IJzerman
Role: Director, Editor

Interviewees: Winy Maas (MVRDV), Joren van Dijk

Our client wanted to make a film to be used as part of a tender submission and I have proposed to structure it as a dialogue between the architect and the environmental psychologist.
In order to visually support the story of the design, we have worked with animation artists and drew animated sketches of the proposal.

New offices of Lieven de Key
Client: Lieven de Key

Role: Director, Producer
Lieven de Key is a housing association who wanted to introduce their renovated office building to their employees through a short film. I have worked with a small team to produce the film in a building that was still mostly under construction.

The Bigger Picture - Hoe groen is groen genoeg?
Client: Being B.V.

Production partner: Marcel IJzerman
Role: Director, Editor
Interviewees: David Gianotten (OMA), Tom van Duuren

Bigger picture is a series of conversations about living environments of tomorrow. I have participated in developing the concept for the series, driected the interviews and edited the film. This first episode is about the role of green in urban environments. The film can be viewed at this link

Villa Santpoort - through the senses
Client: DP6

Role: Concept, Camera, Edit

DP6 asked me to make a film about the villa they designed in Santpoort and I developed the concept around the daily life of a girl and a women in the house. It is filmed by me within a (long) day, capturing day turning into night in this special space.

Floating Office Rotterdam Documentary
Client: RED company, Powerhouse Company

Production partner: Marcel IJzerman
Role: Director
Interviewees: Ahmed Abouthaleb, Bas Kurvers, Patrich Verkooijen, Nanne De Ru, Albert Richters, and many, many more...

I am directing a 45-min long documentary film on the development and construction of Floating Office Rotterdam. We have been interviewing the mayor, architects, builders as well as the current occupants of the building to create a documentation on coming-to-life of this special building.